9th Grade Info

9th Grade English


Course Outline: Students will read a variety of short stories, dramas, informational texts, poetry and other selections from our new textbook.We will also examine extra texts which are listed below . If a student needs to purchase a text, they will be given ample time to purchase the book before we begin to look at it in class. I may have some books for sale on a first come, first serve basis.

Texts: Prentice Hall Literature: Alabama Common Core Edition for Grade Nine

           To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

       Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

         Nonfiction Text

Texts from other sources may be added as necessary

Materials: Students should have an English binder in order to keep all English materials separate from other classes. Students will need a pen/pencil and paper every day. They may also occasionally need colored pencils for assignments.

Homework: I do not assign a large amount of homework. The majority of homework will be reading at home, however larger assignments may necessitate homework. If this is the case, I will not accept any excuse that isn’t covered by the school handbook.

Course Objectives: Course objectives are the Alabama English Language Literacy for College and Career Readiness. They are available at http://www.ecboe.org/departments/curriculum_and_instruction/courses_of_study/english_language_arts_course_of_study__c_c_r_s/

Grading policy: Grade will be determined by points earned divided by points possible. Daily assignments will usually be 30-50 points, tests 100-150, and larger projects will have their own rubrics given ahead of time. All grading policies in the Sardis and ECBOE handbook apply. I offer some opportunities for bonus points throughout the year. I don’t give bonus points for turning in supplies such as copy paper or hand sanitizer. I feel this puts some students at a disadvantage. I will allow books to be “sold” back for bonus points after we finish a text. I award students who go the extra mile in an assignment with extra points.  

Attendance: Unexcused absences count as zeros, as per the ECBOE and Sardis handbook. That being said, I am not completely inflexible. Talk to me soon after the fact. It is much easier to take care of a problem soon after the absence. If the student waits until report cards go out, I tend not to be as lenient. In terms of whether an absence is excused or unexcused, I can only go by what is in iNow. If the computer says an absence is unexcused, and you believe that is an error, that will need to be taken up with the office.

Make Up Policy: If you are absent, always check the board to see what work you need to make up. This is solely the student’s responsibility. There is no way for me to keep up with every absence and hold everyone accountable as soon as they come back.  If the assignment requires materials that were given out the day the student missed, I will provide them for you. If you need to take a book home to catch up, I will be happy to help you check out a text or access an online account.  Any tests will need to be made up within three days of the absence.

Discipline: Classroom discipline is simple. Students are to be respectful of themselves and others are all times. For all minor problems (briefly out of seat, talking in class, bothering another student), I will issue a verbal warning at first. If the problems persists, or it has been that way consistently, the student will be given break detention. If the student doesn’t show up for break detention, they will have break detention for one week. Afterwards, if the student still has issues with discipline, they will be written up and referred to the office. If a problem is more severe (profanity, harassment, bullying, fighting, insubordination ) the student will be referred to the office with a write up immediately or receive corporal punishment if they so choose.  

Weekly Assignments: Certain assignments will take place every week. Each week we will have a vocabulary test on Friday. These will usually consist of 20 words. On Tuesday and Thursday, students will complete a writing assignment ranging from a short quick write to brainstorming activities or other writing projects. The prompt will be on the board. From time to time, this will dictate the direction we need to go in writing and grammar assignments. I will spot check these assignments from time to time.


Be respectful of me, your classmates, and yourself.

Come to class on time.

Bring all required materials and assignments before they are due.

Stay in your desk.

No backpacks. I walk around the class and I don’t want to trip.

All rules in the SHS handbook and ECBOE handbook apply.