Yearbook Grading Policy

Patrice Golden 

            The yearbook class is more like a business instead of a class. The staff produces a product and sells a product. There doesn’t have to be a profit, but the yearbook cannot withstand a loss. Since this class is not a typical academic class - no textbooks, tests, homework- the grade is a subjective grade rather than an objective one. This means that your grade will be determined by the faculty advisor according to his/her judgment.

            Because we work according to deadlines set by the publishing company, and because we must raise LOTS of money to pay for the yearbook, it is of utmost importance that YOU work to meet each deadline and to raise money. Grades will be dependent upon your timeliness in completing work assigned to you, your attitude, your willingness to help and your contributions to the fundraising process. However, this does not mean that work of inferior quality will be accepted just so that you can “get it in on time.”

The following scale will be a general guideline for grade assignments:
100:   Excellent work turned in on time without reminders from advisor; tremendous amount of money raised.
 90:    Quality work turned in only after reminder from advisor; excellent amount of money raised.
 80:    Good work turned in one or two days after it is due; moderate amount of money raised.
 70:    Fair work OR work turned in three to five days after it is due: average amount of money raised.
 60:    Poor work OR work turned in five or more days after it is due; little money raised.
 40:    Very poor work; very late work; very little money raised.
   0:    No work; no money raised.

Extra points may be given for

  • willingness to spend outside time whenever necessary
  • willingness to help others
  • willingness to accept  extra assignments

Points may be taken away for

*doing work from other classes when there is yearbook work to do.
*messy work
*lack of initiative in starting or finishing assignments
*lack of tolerance and respectfulness to other staff members


If you cannot sell ads after school or on weekends because of other activities and/or your job, then you need to see the counselor IMMEDIATELY to change your schedule. Each person on the yearbook staff must do his or her share. Your grade, in the end, will reflect what you did to contribute to the completion of the yearbook. Producing this yearbook takes a team effort. Did you contribute or detract from the team effort?

Part of your grade will be based upon your ad sales!

If you and your parents understand this grading policy and you agree to do your part to raise money, please sign below.


___________________________________                                      ________________

Student Signature                                                                  Date


___________________________________                                      ________________

Parent Signature                                                                     Date


I give my child, ____________________________________, permission to leave school to sell ads/take pictures for the yearbook. I understand that he/she is not allowed to ride with or transport other students.


______________________________________                                __________________

Parent Signature                                                                         Date


I understand that I am not allowed to ride with or transport other students to sell ads during school. I also understand that if I am found to be doing so or if I am found to be doing anything other than selling ads/taking pictures (i.e. eating out, shopping, going to work, etc.) during school, then that privilege will be taken away  and consequences will be given.

______________________________________                                __________________

Student Signature                                                                  Date

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