Syllabus for Spanish I

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Spanish I Syllabus

  • Spanish classroom materials include the Realidades Textbooks Levels One and Two, as well as membership to Señor Wooly with all its online resources,,  and a variety of other online materials and in class materials to help aide in the learning process. 
  • Conversations and quizzes will occur many times each week in order for students to better retain what they have learned. There will be various activities that measure comprehensible input (CI), as well as other learning. 
  • Cultural lessons will be interspersed throughout the school year.
  • It is imperative that students are present for class as much as possible in order to better retain the language skills. 
  • Students will speak for me at various intervals throughout the semester to monitor progress. 
  • Pinatas and other cultural art projects will be a part of the process as well.
  • Students will bring in piñata bases ready to decorate. They can not be decorated before that week.
  • Music, stories, online activities, videos, movies, research activities, art activities, listening activities, and cultural activities will be a major part of the class as well. 

Grading is on a points earned out of points possible system. Various types of assessments include, but are not limited to,  online activities, pop quizzes, recitations, reading and listening activities, worksheets, speaking tests, projects, written tests, oral tests, writing in the language, textbook activities, art activities, research, games, presentations, cultural lessons, technology activities, Senor Wooly nuggets, and daily work.