Spanish II Syllabus
  • Students will do activities to improve comprehensible input using the Target language through listening, speaking, and interacting. 
  • Students will work on listening and speaking through Señor Wooly music, Zambobazo activities, and other Spanish music and media experiences.
  • Students will research and present on culture and history of the Spanish speaking world.
  • Students will read and interpret text in Spanish using prior knowledge of familiar vocabulary and grammar with new concepts and vocabulary. They will recognize main ideas. (Graphic Novels, Paso a Paso, Cloze and Cancionero activities, textbook activities, etc.)
  • Students will use the past tenses in Spanish along with the present tense in writing, listening, reading, and speaking. (Conversational activities, Worksheets, Written responses, etc.)
  • Students will compare the Spanish language structure as well as vocabulary and expressions  with that of English. (Ser and Estar vs. be, Two past tenses in Spanish, idiomatic expressions, etc.)
  • Students will learn about various elements of the Spanish speaking world's customs, and compare them to those of their own. (Christmas and New Year Celebrations, Easter, Valentine's Day, Saint's Days, Days of the Dead, etc.) 
  • Students will create oral and written presentations in Spanish using the various items they have covered. (Speaking tests, impromptu speeches, writing prompts, group readings, etc.)
  • Students will learn and recite skits, poems, short narratives, or songs in the target language, using appropriate pronunciation and intonation. (Christmas carols, canciones famosos, etc.)
  • Students will learn about the influences of geography on a the various Spanish speaking countries. (Ex. Chile and its varied geography)
  • Students will work to improve their oral communication skills with Spanish speakers.(field trips to local restaurant to practice Spanish in real life setting, Conversational activities with Spanish speakers in class, etc.)
  • Students will do arts and crafts activities that use Spanish as well as teach aspects of the various art styles and famous artists that are known throughout the Spanish speaking world and beyond.
Resources:, Realidades II textbook and materials,,, as well as other items

Grading Policy:  Students will earn points. The amount of points they earn will be divided by the points possible. Bonus points are strictly academic in nature in that they align with the content.