9th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus



Students will be learning and improving upon their reading, writing, communication, vocabulary, critical thinking, and grammar skills. There will be various writing activities throughout the year. Students will learn to communicate more effectively through class discussions, written assignments, response questions, oral presentations, peer groups, class discussions, recitations, and impromptu discussions/quick writes. They will work on self expression through poetry and narrative writing, as well as they will work on giving credit to other writers and researchers as they research, analyze, and report. Literature will be used for developing communication and critical thinking, analysis, cultural discussion, vocabulary building, etc. Technology will be incorporated to give students more options. Students will work to prepare themselves for the rest of high school, the ACT, college, careers, and for thriving as a productive citizen in society.

Texts:   Prentice Hall Literature: Alabama Common Core Edition for Grade Nine To Kill A Mockingbird, The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, and A Warrior's Heart

Grading Policy

Students will be graded on a point system. Each assignment will be worth a set amount of points. At the end of the nine weeks the total points earned by the student will be divided by the total points possible to get their average.


Make Up Work and Extra Points

Students are responsible for getting make up assignments within three days of an absence.  Academic extra point work will be available each semester, but only to students who have completed all classroom assignments. If you have taken a zero on any regular class assignment then you will not receive extra credit work. 

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