Classroom Rules


Rules and Materials for Mrs. Lee's Classes:

  1. At all times show respect to others and yourself.
  2. Always be prepared for class and be on time, which is in the room before the tardy bell rings.
  3. Do not complain or whine. Use good manners when delivering opinions.
  4. Make up work, as well as all assignments are your responsibility. Unexcused absences result in zeros.
  5. Snacks are not allowed.  
  6. There are three passes out per nine weeks.  Use time between classes wisely.
  7. I expect your best efforts in all we do. Be prepared to learn and see what all you can accomplish! You will be surprised. Focus on your improvements and know that I am here to help. When studying a foreign language there are many mistakes to make in pronunciation, interpretation, writing, etc. That is the normal process! Learn from each one and relish in the fact that it is okay. You are learning!

Spanish I Materials
1. Colored COPY paper (ANY KIND)
2. Zipper Pouch for Binder--TO KEEP Pencils, colored pencils, etc.
3.  Pack of Glue Sticks or Bottle of Glue
4. Spanish/English Dictionary
6. 2 inch hard cover binder 
7. Set of Tabs/Dividers for hard binder 
8. COLLEGE Rule Paper
9. Kleenex or Hand Sanitizer

Spanish II Materials:
1. Colored Copy Paper 
2. COLLEGE Rule Paper
3. Expo Markers
4. Binder from Spanish I
5. Spanish/English Dictionary 
6. Zipper Pouch for Binder
7. Tabs/Dividers for Binder

*Spanish I:  Piñata and other projects will require more materials

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