Classroom Rules


Las Reglas Para La Clase de la Señora Lee

  1. Show respect to others and to yourself.
  2. Always be prepared and on time.
  3. Make up work is your responsibility.
  4. Snacks/beverages are not allowed. There will be fiestas. 
  5. There are three passes out of class per nine weeks. 
  6. Study inside and outside of class to improve. 
  7. Remember that each day is a chance to learn something new.

Spanish I Materials
1. Earbuds that will work with school chromebooks
2. Spanish/English Dictionary
3.  1 1/2 - 2 inch hard cover binder 
4. Set of Tabs/Dividers for hard binder 
5. COLLEGE Rule Paper
6. Facial Tissues
7. Zipper Pouch to keep earbuds, pencils, etc. in binder
8. Colored Copy Paper or Cardstock for Art, etc.

*Señora already has plenty of glue, scissors, and colored pencils this year. 

Spanish II Materials:
1. Colored Copy Paper 
2. COLLEGE Rule Paper
3. Facial Tissues
4. Binder from Spanish I
5. Spanish/English Dictionary 
6. Earbuds that will work with Chromebooks
7. There will be projects that require other materials.

*Spanish I:  Piñata and other projects will require more materials