SARDIS HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                                                                         SYLLABUS 2020-2021

TEACHER:  L. Gilmer                                                                                                COURSE: Anatomy & Physiology               




 This class will move at a fast pace due to the large amounts of information required to cover by the Alabama Course of Study.  This class will contain nightly homework of about 15-20 minutes – mostly reading through notes and studying.





Unit 1: Introduction to Anatomy

Unit 8: Circulatory/Cardiovascular Systems

Unit 2: Cells

Unit 9: Digestive System

Unit 3: Tissues

Unit 10: Respiratory System

Unit 4: Integumentary System (Skin)

Unit 11: Urinary System

Unit 5: Skeletal System (Bones)

Unit 12: Lymphatic/Immune System

Unit 6: Muscular System

Unit 13: Endocrine System

Unit 7: Nervous System

Unit 14: Reproductive System


ANY missed work is your responsibility to find out, retrieve, or possibly make-up at the teacher’s convenience.  Absences must be excused in order to receive credit for work that you miss. Attendance in all discussions and activities is strongly advised since you can’t truly understand if you’re not here to obtain the information. 



Grades will be calculated by dividing the points earned by the total points possible for each nine weeks grading period.  Unit tests will be worth 100-200 points.  All other assignments will be assigned a point value based on the difficulty and length of the assignment. Points will be deducted on any work turned in late.



LAB FEE - $20.00 not required at this time.

3-Ring Binder (at least 1 inch)

Loose Leaf Paper

 Colored pencils (YOU NEED YOUR OWN)

Pencils, Pens, Highlighters


Donations Needed:

1 pack of Copier Paper

3 packs of Paper Towels (for lab cleanup)


Hand sanitizer



  1. Be in assigned seat when tardy bell rings.
  2. Be prepared (pencil, pen, paper, completed assignments).
  3. Respect everyone (yourself, your peers, your teacher).
  4. Remain in class unless an emergency occurs.
  5. Cell phones are to remain in your purse, bag, or pocket unless given specific permission to have out during class.