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Amy Springer



            The Alabama Health course of study consists of sixteen standards designed to help students learn about and take responsibility for their own health. Topics include personal health, social health, and environmental health, and influences and variables which may affect them. Effects and consequences of both positive and negative health decisions are covered with emphasis on chemical substance abuse and other risky behaviors. More information on the Health course of study can be found at .



Glencoe Health and Wellness



            The following supplies are needed for Health.  If you are unable to purchase these supplies in a timely manner, please talk with me as soon as possible.


  • 1”- 1½” Three-Ring Binder

  • Pencils or Pens

  • At least two packs of loose-leaf notebook paper



    Each nine weeks, your grade is determined by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible. Points will be awarded for class work/homework, binder checks, projects, quizzes and tests.


    Grading Scale

    90-100             A

    80-89                B

    70-79                C

    60-69                D

    59 and Below  F




    You are to keep all work in your binder until it is turned in.  You are responsible for bringing your binder to class each day and keeping it organized.  There will be unannounced binder checks throughout the year.




    If you are absent, you need to make up the work you missed.  If the absence is excused, credit will be given for the make-up work.  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed and meet with me before class, after class or during break to schedule make up work or tests.


    Pacing Guide  

    Below is a tentative outline of Health.


Grading Period


1st Nine Weeks

Unit 1 – Unit 6

2nd Nine Weeks

Unit 7 – Unit 11




Contact Info

I can receive phone messages through the school at 256-593-5221. I will try to return your calls as soon as possible but for a quicker reply, please email me at