Alg.II/Trig Syllabus

Algebra II/Trig Syllabus

Coach Wright


Students are expected to come to class everyday prepared.  This class is not designed to be easy, therefore it will require the attentiveness of all students. 

Grading Policy

Students will be graded on all material worked in class or at home.  However, tests will play a major role in the students overall grade.  Bonus point material will be limited.


Students should have a binder to keep all work in.  I ask that student use pencil.  Students will need to have a scientific calculator.  Graph paper will be necessary as we progress through the concepts.

Syllabus (Tentative)

Week 1-3:            Chapter 1:  Equations and Inequalities

Week 4-6:            Chapter 2:  Linear Relations and Functions

Week 7-9:            Chapter 3:  Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Week 10-12:       Chapter 4:  Quadratic Functions and Relations

Week 13-15:       Chapter 5:  Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

Week 16-18:       Chapter 6:  Inverses and Radical Functions and Relations/Midterm Exam

Week 19-21:       Chapter 7:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Relations

Week 22-24:       Chapter 8:  Rational Functions and Relations

Week 25-27:       Chapter 10:  Sequences and Series

Week 28-30:       Chapter 12:  Trigonometric Functions

Week 31-33:       Chapter 13:  Trigonometric Identities and Equations

Week 34-35:       Chapter 9:  Conic Sections

Week 36:              Semester Examination

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