Franklin, Cory
Subject: Algebra II/Trig and Career Preparedness

Grades: 9-12

Bachelors degree: Athens State University 2013

This is my 8th year teaching and my second year at Sardis High School.  My wife, Morgan, is a teacher at Sloman Primary Pre-K in Douglas.  We have two children, Ross (2) and Teddy Jane (7 months).  I am the Head Track coach and an assistant Varsity Football coach.  


  • Grades will be kept on a total points basis.
    • For example: Classwork, Tests, Projects etc. will not be weighted differently.
    • Further example:
      • John makes a 16/20 on a classwork assignment.
      • John makes an 84/100 on a test.
      • John makes a 145/200 on a research paper.
        • John has earned 245/320 points possible
        • His class average is 76.56 which will round up to a C=77
  • A scoring rubric will be supplied for any assignment requiring one such as projects, or research based papers.
  • Make up tests: Students will have 3 days from his/her return to school to make up a missed test.
  • Make up work: Students are responsible for contacting me about missed work. 


  • First and foremost students are expected to be to class ON TIME. This means when the tardy bell rings students are in their desk ready to go not walking through the door.
  • During a class session students must not get out of their seat without permission nor should they talk without permission.
  • Classroom rules:
    • Respect yourself
      • Have a positive attitude
      • Do your best
      • Be honest
      • Be prepared
      • Set goals
      • Follow directions
    • Respect others
      • Keep hands, feet, other objects and negative comments to yourself
      • Stay on task
      • Be nice
      • Listen
  • Drinks and Snacks are fine but there are exceptions to that rule.
    • No trash should be left in the floor or in a desk. Throw it away when you are finished.
    • No crumbs should be found in the floor either.
  • Hats
    • Hats are allowed in the room but may not be worn.
    • They must be placed away under your desk.
  • Devices
    • Refer to Etowah County Schools Handbook (Board Policy)
  • Restroom Passes
    • Cell phones MUST be left in the classroom before you may leave to use the restroom.
  • Discipline Policy
    • Any violation of classroom rules, the first two bullet points on this paper, or any violation in the Etowah County School handbook will result in disciplinary action as follows.
      • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
      • 2nd Offense: Break Detention & Parental Contact
      • 3rd Offense: Written Referral
  • These are general guidelines to follow during the course of this year. Hopefully, we will not have to refer to this policy often at all.
  • The Etowah County School handbook will be referred to for all other issues.