Government and Economics Syllabus

Each Course will be one semester.  

Grades for Economics and Government are separate. Each class is not dependent on the other so attention to detail must be paid.  Avoid "senioritis" because one bad nine weeks is more costly when it accounts for nearly half of your overall average opposed to a course with more opportunities to pull up a bad average.

Students will be expected to come prepared for class each day with paper and pen/pencil.

Teacher Expectations:

      Respect- Students must show respect at all times to fellow students, teachers, themselves, and any guests.

       Hard work- Students must come in prepared to give satisfactory effort each and every day.

       Attitude- Only positive attitudes will be accepted in the classroom.  Negativity, dis-respect, poor word choice, and insubordination will not help you in this class or in life.

       Participation- Full participation from the class will greatly enhance the learning experience.

Make-up Policy:

Material covered each day will be documented on Google Classroom.  Student will be responsible for getting information completed in a timely manner.  Students will need to be committed to collecting, completing, and turning in make-up work due to the propensity of massive amounts of senior absences.  


            Daily tasks may include an assortment of activities.  Note-taking, worksheets, class discussions, group work, photo analysis, short essays, narratives, illustrations, question and answer scenarios, debates, and problem solving can be on the daily schedule at any point.  Students must come to class everyday with the proper materials to be a full participant in any activity scheduled for the day.  Therefore, students must bring paper, pen/pencil, book/reading material, and their notebook each day. 

            Special assignments may include pop quiz, vocabulary terms, persuasive essays, research papers, power point presentations, posters, reports, are all possible options.  Any late assignment will have points deducted for each day they are late.

            Any daily activity must be completed and stored in your notebook.  All activities leading up to each test will be required to re-submit their completed notebooks after the unit’s test.

Grading System

Students will be graded on a point system. Point levels vary dependent upon each assignment.  At the end of the nine weeks, the total points earned will be divided by the total points possible to get their average.  Students will have opportunity throughout the semester for bonus on a quiz, a test, or review.  Students will have opportunity to earn through completion of classwork and participation in lectures/group work.


Attention parents: if you have any questions regarding the upcoming semester please feel free to email me at

Also, if you would like updates throughout the semester on progress, accomplishments, questions, or concerns please leave an email address or phone number below.  Thanks and I look forward to the semester.

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