"Where I'm From" Poetry

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Where I’m From


I am from toy llamas,

from cell phones and The Lion King.

I am from the trees in the woods.

(Big, rough, I hear them rustle in the wind.)

I am from the okra plant,

the grapevine

that grows in my grandparents’ yard.


I am from Christmas gatherings and funny relatives

from Uncle Michael, Paw Paw Bill and Cousin K.K.

I’m from the loudness

and the craziness

from what does that have to do with the price of cotton

and you are very hairy.

I am from Amazing Grace

 how sweet the sound.


I’m from deep in Altoona

dressing and red velvet cake.

From the Momma who jumped the train tracks in her first car,

from the stump it landed on,

from the sweetness of Maw Maw Peggy.

From the chest at the foot of the bed in my Maw Maw’s house

filled with memories of weddings and Vietnam.



Chloe Ford



lion   lion              
Where I’m From


I’m from Pooh Bear,

from Apple and Xbox.

I’m from the stix.

(Green summers, golden falls

it smells like fresh air.)

I am from the pines,

the hardwoods

whose roots run down deep.


I’m from football and blue eyes,

from Steve, Susan, and Kyle.

I’m from anger and smiles,

from births and deaths.

I’m from God and his people,

from Riverview, peanut butter pie, and doodoo cookies.


I’m from the history of my great-grandparents,

war, events, and family.

From the gun safe that holds priceless treasures,

that’s where I come from.


Clay Cole

lion lion    


Where I’m From


I am from Xbox,

from Halo and Call of Duty.

I am from the farm.

(Big, muddy

it smells like cow poo.)

I am from the oaks and the lakes.


I am from Christmas cookies and hard work,

from Mark, Cindy and Lela.

I’m from the talkative

and the generous.

From Sunday School

and Bible School.


I am from Georgia and Alabama,

chocolate and dressing.

From the father who worked since he was 16,

the willing and hardworking brother.

I am from the chest filled with pictures

and memories.


Logan Suddath

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