Instructor: Delilah Darden

Course: 11th Grade Language Arts                                        Phone #(256)593-5221



Textbook: Prentice Hall Literature Course 2 Alabama Common Core Edition

Materials: Composition Notebook, Pens, Pencils, Paper

Course Description:

11th Grade Language Arts is a survey style course that introduces students to various genres of literature, myriad writing styles, and opportunities to develop skills in listening, speaking, and viewing different forms of multimedia. The course readings will focus on major literary topics and themes across the history of the United States from 1900 to the present.

Course Objectives:

Course objectives will be taken directly from the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards for 11th Grade Language Arts.


Each unit has a specific focus and includes multiple forms and genres of literature, but this outline gives you an idea of when we will be reading which novels. This is a rough estimate and tentative schedule; units are subject to change. In addition to short stories, poems, nonfiction pieces, and other literature, we will study several major works this year.

Unit I: Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion

Short Stories- Twain and Chopin

Nonfiction- Gettysburg Address

Novel- Call of the Wild by Jack London

Unit II: Disillusion, Defiance, and Discontent

Short Stories- Hemingway, Faulkner, Welty, Hurston

Poetry- Eliot, Cummings, Sandburg, Frost, Hughes, Cullen

Novels: The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men

Unit III: Prosperity and Protest

Short Stories- Hersey, O’Connor

Poetry- Jarrell, Plath

Drama- Miller

Nonfiction- JFK Inaugural Address, King Letter

Unit IV: New Voices, New Frontiers

Short Stories-Walker

Essay- Frazier, Quindlen

Novel- John Green

In no particular order, students will also be expected to write:  Argumentative Essay (process and timed)  Literary Analysis (process and timed) Research-based Essay  Various forms of creative writing (e.g., short fiction, poetry, etc.)  Various forms of informational writing (e.g., formal letter, resume, newsletters, etc.)

Student Expectations:

Students are expected to be present both physically and mentally each day in order to actively participate in classroom instruction and engage in meaningful discussion. Students must behave, at all times, in a manner befitting and reflecting a young adult entering his or her third year in high school. While technology will be used often in the classroom, cellphone usage is prohibited unless instructions are given by the teacher. Finally, students will be expected to maintain high work ethic and strong diligence.

Course Requirements:

Students must turn in assignments within the first five minutes of class on the due date. The assignment must be ready to hand in when it is collected. If it is not ready at this time, it will neither be accepted nor considered on time, unless the student previously made arrangements with the instructor. The materials must be received by the instructor on the due date in order to have the potential to receive full credit.

Opportunities for extra help or study sessions:

Extra credit in 11th American Literature is available on an individual need basis. If a supplemental activity or assignment that connects to our lesson presents itself and does not take away from current classwork or homework, it may be made available. Students should actively stay on top of their grade and focus on maintaining or working towards a grade they want throughout the entire year. Students may schedule an appointment or conference with the teacher at the convenience of both parties.

Honor Code/Plagiarism Policy:

Integrity is a Sardis High School core value. Sardis students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity in all work submitted to a teacher. Students will not receive credit for plagiarized work and attempting to submit plagiarized work will result in disciplinary action.

Grading Policy:

Students will be graded on a point system. Each assignment will be worth a set amount of points. At the end of the nine weeks the total points earned by the student will be divided by the total points possible to get their average.

Make Up Work Policy:

Students may make up all work missed on an excused and preapproved absence. Work assigned during the absence must be returned to the teacher within 3 days.

Classroom Rules:

1. Be respectful

2. Be kind

3. Be prepared

** If a student chooses to break the above rules they will be disciplined as follows:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Break Detention
  3. Office Referral

** Teacher reserves the right to go directly to office referral if the rule violation is extreme or harmful to the student, teacher, or classmates.

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