Tankersley, Kendall

Sardis High School Code: 010470

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Sardis High School Guidance Plan

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Our school offers counseling services as an additional resource to help your student succeed in their academic goals, as well as support social and emotional growth throughout the school year.  Counseling sessions in a school setting are typically short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help your child succeed in all areas of their development. 

Counseling activities can include individual crisis counseling, small group counseling, whole class presentations and observations.  Many of these activities will focus on helping students learn ways to build positive social skills, gain confidence in their ability to interact with others and learn ways to deal with problems and conflicts constructively.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Tankersley at 256-593-5221 (ext. 4) or via email at kendall_tankersley@ecboe.org