Classroom Discipline and Computer Lab Rules


Natalie Strickland, Instructor Sardis High School


The following procedures will be enforced for violating classroom rules and/or handbook rules.

  1. First infraction will be a verbal warning.
  2. Second infraction will be staying in at break and cleaning the computer lab.
  3. Third infraction will be after school detention and cleaning the computer lab.
  4. Fourth infraction will constitute being written up and sent to the office.

Extreme Clause

            In the event of an extreme situation, the teacher may choose to write the student up and send to the office without using steps 1-3. 


Natalie Strickland, Instructor, Sardis High School



  1. Always bring pencil and paper to class and binder.
  2. Be in your seat and ready to work by the tardy bell.
  3. Go to the restroom before class and after class.  If you have to go during class, you must stay in at break.
  4. If you need to speak, raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the teacher.
  5. Do not disturb the class.
  6. No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
  7. Do not lay back or roll around in the chairs.
  8. Do not put on screen savers.
  9. Do not change any computer settings.
  10. Do not download anything without permission.
  11. Do not go online without permission.

Remember all computers at Sardis High School are monitored at all times at the Board of Education in Gadsden.  If a site is restricted, DO NOT forward a note.