1.  Students should be inside classroom when the tardy bell rings.


2.  Students should find a seat in the classroom immediately upon arriving for class.


3.  Classroom seating- You may choose where you sit in the classroom as long as this

     does not interfere with instruction.  Chairs should not be moved from place to

     place.  All four chair legs should remain on the floor at all times.


4. Do not sit on tables.


5. For your safety and the safety of your classmates do not be in the shop unless you have  

    the teacher’s permission.  Other shop safety rules will be covered at a later date.


6. Students should remain inside the building until the bell rings to dismiss to the next



7. Teacher’s Office- Students are not allowed in the teacher’s office unless approved by

    the teacher.


8.  The class will stay together as a group unless otherwise specified:

  • When in the shop- everyone in shop!
  • When in the greenhouse- everyone in greenhouse!
  • When in classroom- everyone in classroom!


9.  Facilities- We are very proud of our facilities and you are expected to treat them with

     respect.  Gum, candy, and other food items in class will be tolerated only if it does not

     create a problem with trash, spills, and gum under the tables and chairs.  Any student

     found intentionally and/or knowingly vandalizing, defacing school property,

     destroying the furniture, equipment, etc… will face appropriate discipline and will be

     expected to provide financial compensation for destroyed property.


10. Do NOT talk when the teacher is talking.  If you need to talk at other times it must be

      at a volume in which the teacher cannot here what you are saying.


11. If you need to go to the restroom, get a drink of water, or leave the area where class

      is being held – raise your hand and ask permission first.


12. Do not interfere in any way with the learning taking place in the



13. Snack machine- Going to the snack machine should be considered a privilege. 




15.  Follow directions the first time that they are given.


16.  Do not throw objects in the classroom/shop/greenhouse.


17.  Playing cards or other games are prohibited.


18.  During work projects in the greenhouse or shop—If you are not working, you should

       be standing or sitting and watching the work going on while waiting your turn.


19.  When in the greenhouse/shop do not touch materials/equipment that we are not

       actively using in the learning process and you do not have permission to use.  Also,

       do not bother the alarm system, cameras, circuit breaker panels, or thermostats.


20. All the rules outlined in the student handbook should be followed.




I have read these rules and they were explained to me by Mr. Harris on the first day of class.


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