Class Rules & Grading Policy

 Mr. Burns                                                             Sardis H.S. Ag Dept.

Class Rules & Grading Policy:                                         256-593-5827/ 593-5221


  1. Be courteous and respectful of teacher, fellow students, and their property. (Do not prowl through anything that belongs to someone else without permission.)
  2. Be on time seated and ready to work when the bell rings.(pencils are to be brought and/or sharpened before the bell tardy bell rings, not when we begin to work.)
  3. Be prepared for class! Bring textbook paper and pen or pencil everyday. You will not be allowed to leave class for materials after the tardy bell has rung. A zero will be given on class work each day that you do not have your materials.
  4. Complete and turning assignments on time. Work not completed in class should be completed for homework and turned in at the beginning of the next class period.
  5. Turn in your work not that of someone else. Cheaters will receive a zero- this includes the person who is coping as well as the person who is allowing the person to cheat.
  6. Make sure that your desk and the area around it is clean before leaving the room.


  1. Talk, sing, make noises, or leave your seat without permission.
  2. Eat, drink, chew gum, or use of tobacco.
  3. Sleep or “rest your eyes”.
  4. Prepare work for another class. It will be taken up and thrown away.
  5. Write, read or pass notes.
  6. Ask to use the phone, go to your locker or to another room- the answer is no.
  7. Throw paper or any other objects, especially in the ag shop. If anyone is caught throwing anything in the shop, he or she is automatically written up.
  8. Deface or abuse school property. This includes writing on, sitting on, and leaning back in desks. Anyone found defacing property will have the duty of cleaning or fixing the structure and a discipline form will be filled out.


All absences and tardies will be recorded. It is your responsibility to have absences excused. You cannot makeup any work with an unexcused absence. When you are absent YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed. If you miss only the day a test was given or the day an assignment was due, absent YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed. If you miss only the day a test was given or the day an assignment was due, you will be expected to take the test or turn in the assignment the day you return. All other make-up work must be complete within 3 school days except in the case of an extended absence.

Tardies To Class:

Students are expected to be in their seat ready to begin work when the tardy bell rings. A discipline report will be turned in when a student has 3 tardies to class. Three tardies equal one adsence.

Grading Policy:

Classroom and shop assignments will be counted as daily points. These points are usually worth 100-200 points per six weeks. There will be weekly exams that count 500-600 points per six weeks. The total number of points the student has is divided by the total number of points possible to give the six week total grade. There may also be extra points given to students having perfect attendance.


There will be a fee in the amount of $30.00 charged to each student. The responsibility of paying lies with the parent or guardian. If the fees are not paid then the student will not receive credit for the course. He or she will receive an incomplete on their report card until it is paid.

*FFA membership is optional. $10.00 per year

*The above rules and policies have been explained to me and I understand Mr. Burns’ rules.

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I have read the above rules and policies and discussed them with my child.

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