Lofthus, Matthew
Matthew Lofthus

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Subjects: Government and Economics

I was hired at Sardis High School ahead of the 2010-2011 school year and have been fortunate enough with the opportunity to be here ever since.
My experiences with the administration, staff, and students have been far beyond what I could have expected.  Sardis is a special place with plenty of remarkable individuals.
While teaching at Sardis, I have had the pleasure to lead the following classes: 9th World History, 10th U.S. History, 11th U.S. History, Government, Economics, Computer Applications, Current Events, Debate, and World Geography-(Human element.)

I graduated from the University of Alabama in May of 2010 and was lucky enough to get experience tutoring and coaching while in college.  Teaching has been in my plans as far back as when I attended high school serving as a tutor to teammates and classmates during study hall. 

Classroom Items:
*If a student is absent from class, they may view that day's material on "Google Classroom" to begin make-up work.
*Be sure to sign up for reminds about upcoming quizzes, bonus point opportunities, tests, and information regarding projects.
*Books are available to be taken home on a check-out basis if need be but numbers are limited.