Helpful Spanish Resources
1. This is a highly recommended site for all foreign language learners. Get the APP! It will be very helpful to you.

2. This is the resource students will use throughout all Spanish courses:

3, The following is a great site for all taking any level of Spanish:

4. This is an overload of información, but it will prove helpful when doing research, etc.

5. Here are a couple of sites that you can use to access the Realidades textbook materials and study activities. You will need to click on the textbook. 

6. We will use this great resource on pop culture when we are in Spanish II. (Un poco SP. I) 

7.Three Kings Day Webquest:  This will be completed in Spanish I.

8. The following is a great conjugation practice site. I highly recommend it. It is very user friendly.

9. Spanish II  will use the followiong on learning about the use of Imperfect vs. Preterit.