Inventor/Innovator Display Project


Choose an important inventor or innovator of the 19th Century from the list below. After gathering resources you will then create a display on that topic. Research time will be given in class Monday-Wednesday. 

Thomas Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

Guglielmo Marconi

Henry Ford

Wright Brothers

Louis Pasteur

Joseph Lister

Charles Darwin

Gregor Mendel

Marie and Pierre Curie

Sigmund Freud


Requirements & Guidelines

  • You need to review your textbook and research materials to figure out what belongs in your topic. For example, if you choose the “Wright Brothers” you need to figure out where in the book that topic is covered and what search terms you might use. What did this person(s) invent or do?
  • Your display should describe the basic characteristics of the topic(s). But feel free to go beyond the basics and provide some interesting details.
  • Your display should be presented using one of the following:
    • Poster Board
    • Display Tri-Fold
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Typed Report

Required Information for Project-Total Points 100

  • Person’s background and motivation:
    • Explain the inventor’s personal history a bit and why did they want to create or change the thing they did? (15 points)
    • Explain the historical background of this invention or person. (15 points)   
  • The Invention or Innovation:
    • Show and describe what the invention or innovation was. (15 points)
    • Why was this invention or innovation important? (15 points)
  • Change or impact:
    • How did the world or life for people change because of this invention? (15 points)
    • How did this person change their industry or field of work? (15 points)
  •   Design and neatness! (10 points)