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Spring Equinox

World Trade Activity
Students were given bags that represented a country.  Inside the bags were items that could be traded.  The students went through three rounds of limited and unlimited trade.  They were to rate their satisfaction with the items inside their bag after each round.  Tariffs and embargoes could be included in any round. After the activity, the students truly understood the importance of trading with other countries in the world!

Students were given a poll question after the lesson for the day.  They could answer the question by sending in a text message from their BYOD devices.  The class could view live results! 
 polleverwhere1 polleverywhere2
Latitude and Longitude Activity!


 A grid was taped to the classroom floor using painter's tape.  Several countries were placed on the grid, along with the measurements for each line of the grid.  Students were given Latitude and Longitude measurements and had to find the correct country for each measurement!
Mock Presidential Election!  
Here are a few photos of campaign posters up in the hallways during the presidential election project!
Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists Slogans!
Students chose a side: Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists.  Then they created an advertisement slogan to persuade individuals to join their side! 

Captured History Poems!

Students took one sheet of paper and rotated to stations around the room gathering words that captured their attention.  Students looked at books, posters, newspapers, magazines, famous quotes, political cartoons, the word wall and listened to music to capture their words.  Before the assignment was over, students realized that History can be found everywhere! 
West End High School: 

Jamestown Chronicle

The students began researching different aspects of Jamestown using the laptop cart on Wednesday.  Each group was given a title for a newspaper article that they would be writing.  On Thursday, the students finished their articles and illustrations and put the newspaper together!  For more on the actual assignment see: 10th U.S. History


              The Jamestown Chronicle             Pocahontas: Indian Princess or Barbarian
Breaking News: Tobacco Saves the Colony!  John Rolfe Creates New Type of Tobacco!
       Who Are These Natives?                        Captain John Smith: Zero or Hero?
        Jamestown is Founded!

Archaeological Dig!

The students were given a box full of moss, potting soil, and artifacts!  Each box had artifacts that represented a different group of early humans.  Paleolithic, Neolithic, Sumer, and the Chaldeans were the groups!  Students found objects such as clay writing tablets, acorns, clay bones, and fruits!  The students had to document their findings and search through the textbook for clues as to what group their box represented.
2nd Block2nd Block
 April and Faith have found something!           These girls seem really interested!
2nd Block3rd Block
Token digs while Jasmine cleans artifacts!         Oh boys, look at the mess!
2nd Blockphoto
    This group is really working!                        What did you find?
 Jake and Kiel found something fun!

10th Grade European Explorer Poster Projects!
The students chose a famous European explorer and researched his life and explorations.
       Christopher Columbus! Great Photo!                 Great Work!
   Polka Dots are in!
    Vasco da Gama Poster                              Andrea and Destini show their work!
Savannah and Haley show off their posters!   Trey is proud of Jake's poster!