Policies and Procedures

Tankersley’s Policies and Procedures

Teacher: Kendall Tankersley



Classroom Rules

1.       Be on time!

2.       Have all materials needed!

3.       Be respectful of yourself, others, and all property!

4.       Always try your best!


Daily Classroom Procedures

1.       Students are to be in their seats, with all materials needed for class, when the final bell rings.

2.       Students are to begin working on the Bell Ringer immediately after the bell rings.

3.       Students will be dismissed by the teacher.

4.       Students should not bring drinks or food into the classroom at all (Including water and gum).

5.       Students should not bring personal hygiene products into the classroom at all (Perfumes, Colognes, Makeup, etc).

6.       Students are expected to be respectful of all persons and their personal items in the classroom.

7.       Students are to take all of their personal belongings with them each day they leave the classroom.

8.       Students must follow all ECBOE and Sardis High School rules.


Grading Procedures:

1.       Grades will be calculated using the total points earned divided by the total points possible.

2.       Classwork will be given a grade ranging from 10 points-75 point.

3.       Tests and large projects will be worth 100 points.

6.       A student can receive 50 bonus points per 9-week grading period.  Bonus points can be received for the following items:

a.       Copy Paper (10 points)

b.      Box Tops (1 point per)

c.       Old Ink Cartridges (5 points)

d.      Old Cell Phones (5 points)


Make Up Work

1.       It is the student’s responsiblitiy to get make up work for days missed.

2.       Make up work will be placed in the student's numbered folder.

Assignments missed due to “unexcused absences” cannot be made up. (ECBOE and SHS policy)


Discipline Information

1.       First offense: Break detention

2.       Second offense (Or Failing to Complete Break Detention): Parental Contact and Additional Punishment (Example: Break Detention, Before School Detention, etc)

3.       Third offense: Discipline referral to office.

4.       **Serious offenses will be dealt with immediately via office referral**