Text References

  1. Modern World HIstory 2012 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

with online version at

Classroom Supplies

  1. 3 Ring Binder with 5 dividers
  2. Blue or Black Pen/Pencil
  3. College Rule Paper

Evaluation Methods

  1. Unit/Chapter Test = 100pts
  2. Final Exam = 100pts
  3. Project Based Activities = Varies depending on size and scope of project
  4. Homework/Classwork = 50pts
  5. Quizzes = 25 pts

Make Up Work

  1. Make up work is the responsibility of the student NOT the teacher.
  2. Students will check the Assignments Folder beside the door for any missed work.
  3. Students will turn in any make up work within 3 days of returning to class.
  4. Make up work will only be graded for excused absences; if an absence is unexcused students will receive a 0 for any missed assignments.


  1. Turning in Assignments:
    1. Assignments will be placed in the box assigned to that class period at the front of the room
    2. Returned work: Assignments that are graded will be returned to students and should be placed in the student portfolio.
    3. Cell Phones/Digital Devices: On testing days students will turn OFF all digital devices. Any student who fails to turn off digital device on a testing day WILL receive a 0 on that test and be disciplined according to the school cell phone/digital device policy. On other days the class policy should be followed: Devices on silent mode and put away, only to be taken out and used if teacher allows according to the county BYOD policy.
  2. 1/2/3:
    1. 1 = Pen/Pencil
    2. 2 = Restroom-Emergency ONLY, students are expected to use restroom during breaks between classes.
    3. 3 = Paper
  3. Five Second Countdown:
    1. When students see teachers hand in air counting down from five students should stop any and all talking IMMEDIATELY!
    2. If students fail to comply first time teacher will repeat countdown.
    3. If student(s) fail to comply the second time punitive measures deemed appropriate by the teacher will be taken.
  4. Activity Transitions:
  1. Students will listen to all instructions given by teacher for transition to new activities.
  2. Students will move quickly and quietly to new activity upon hearing “Go” call.
  3. When students have completed transition they will sit quietly until further instructions for the activity are given.

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