Tankersley, Kendall

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Welcome to World History and US History.  

In 9th Grade World History, students continue the study of world history from 1500 to the present. Throughhistorical inquiry, students gain an understanding and appreciation of history as a story of people muchlike themselves, and they become increasingly able to understand global interdependence and connectionsamong world societies. The course directs students to think critically about the forces that combined toshape the world today. It allows them to analyze development and changes in the European, Asian,African, and American civilizations and ways in which interactions of these cultures have influenced theformation of today’s world. Knowledge of other cultures enables students to develop a betterappreciation for the unique American heritage of liberty. Geographic concepts increase learners’comprehension of global connections as they expand their knowledge and understanding of a wide varietyof cultures, both historical and contemporary. 

The study of the early history of the United States in Grade 10 forms the foundation for understanding thedevelopment and principles of modern American society. Beginning with the earliest explorations ofAmerican continents, this course offers a chronological study of major events, issues, movements,individuals, and diverse groups of people in the United States from a national and an Alabamaperspective. In addition to gaining essential knowledge regarding this period of our nation’s past,students develop historical-thinking skills, which include chronological thinking, historicalcomprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, historical research, and analysis and decisionmaking. 

Source: http://alex.state.al.us/staticfiles/2010_AL_Social_Studies_Course_of_Study.pdf